Use Of Tablet wine list

Tablet wine list is the new innovative product being used by hotels, restaurants, bars and country clubs in place of the traditional menu booklets. Today e-menu or tablet wine lists has become part and parcel of leading bars and restaurants across the globe which gives a unique user experience to customers and is being used as a marketing tool for hard sales. Tablet wine list has revolutionized the bar segment and the advantage of this app is that once the restaurant, hotel, or club enters their wine list with appropriate information, customers can use the tablet to place orders directly after sorting through categories like varietal, region, price and their favorite wine producers. Once a restaurant enters appropriate database information, customers can use the touch screen to search for their favorite wines.

Customers can use the tablet wine list to discover the breadth of wines being offered by that restaurants and database information of that restaurant’s wines, tasting notes, vintage information, and history of the winery, region, grape varietals, photos, wine labels, maps, videos and other information’s. Tablet wine lists is a big asset for hotels, restaurants, bar and country club managers to increase their sales and maintain a fully stocked wine cellar. They are able to track the wine sales and the demand of their client base. The cellar mangers can fill up out of stock wines, get low stock alerts and identify when bottles need to be replaced. Tablet wine list can customize as per the requirement and interfaced with the POS system. Restaurants can use this app for brand building and cross marketing. The unique features in this app give the customer a carefully orchestrated experience.

Fully integrated Multi lingual tablet wine list combines design and functionality and can be used as an extension of your business brand. The easy to use menu management system helps customers to place orders directly and make them feel part of the process. Tablet wine list improves efficiency and increased revenues for the restaurants and at the same time providing an enhanced dining experience to the customers. Tablet wine list has option to update your data in real time and hide items, which is not available. Even though there is an initial investment in implementing this technology in the end, it will be economical. Since tablet wine list educates your customers with descriptions the chances of your sales going up is very high.